What to do with a dog that has nightmares?


Many tutors wonder if the dogs have nightmares when you watch them whine, cry and even growl in dreams. You too? Like humans, dogs dream when they reach the stage of deep sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Now, do dog dreams include nightmares? Do you always have spasms, cry or growl are they having them? In this Animal Expert article we will explain if dogs have nightmares or not and some other details related to canine sleep, do not miss it!

How much do dogs sleep?

Sleeping hours are essential for a dog, since his body and mind need to rest to replenish energy and maintain a balanced metabolism. Therefore, as tutors, we must ensure that our furry have a positive and calm environment Where they can relax and sleep well.

However, many tutors wonder if it is normal for their dogs to sleep a lot. Actually, dogs usually sleep longer than humans, but not continuously or often. Likewise, the amount of sleep hours that each individual needs varies according to their age and some environmental factors, such as the weather or the time of year.

Puppies can get to sleep around 20 hours per day during their first three or four months of life, then gradually reduce their daily sleep hours. An adult dog usually sleeps between 8 and 13 hours, depending on their age, metabolism and also the time of the year, since they usually sleep more during the winter. Already in the case of older dogs, with more than 8 or 10 years depending on the breed, daily sleep hours increase again, varying between 15 and 18 hours.

What do dogs dream about?

Now that you know that your best friend dreams, you will probably wonder what dog dreams are like and if dogs have nightmares or not. We will start by understanding how dogs dreams come about.

As we mentioned in the introduction, dog dreams occur when the sleeping dog enters the REM sleep phase. As the name suggests, in this phase the can registers rapid and random eye movements, your body has a reduced muscle tone, that is, your muscles are completely relaxed.

However, a high brain activity That is the production of dreams. That is to say that while the dog sounds, its neurons continue to work and, through a encephalogramThis phenomenon can be observed by the increase in the emission of waves emitted by the brain in the REM sleep phase.

But what do dogs dream of?

While the advance of science has allowed us to know more about dogs' dreams, we still have a lot to discover about their content and nobody can define exactly what dogs dream about. However, several studies have shown that brainwave patterns of dogs during sleep are not much different from those observed in humans.

This would indicate that sleep in dogs has the same function that in human beings: assimilate or fix the experiences and lessons learned during their days. Therefore, it is very likely that dogs dream of things that they live in every day, such as their walks, the games they share with other dogs, the food they enjoy, etc.

So, if you were wondering if the dogs dream of their ownersThe answer is: yes, because your tutor is your "favorite human" with whom you share your routine and enjoy being in your company.

My dog ​​dreams and cries, is it normal?

If your sleeping dog cry, make moans or have spasms, you are probably experiencing a nightmare. By reliving a negative experience in their dreams, dogs often reproduce the same reaction they would have if they were awake, so they can complain, groans, whines and barks during their nightmares.

Is it good to wake a dog who is having a nightmare?

Seeing that his sleeping dog is very agitated and seems to experience a bad experience, it is normal for many tutors to feel the urge to wake the dog who is having a nightmare. But nevertheless, it is not advisable to wake up dogs abruptly, as this can cause them to startle, causing high stress and even an unexpected reaction, such as a bite.

If you notice that your dog is having a nightmare, it is best to observe and wait, because they do not usually last long. But if you perceive that it does not happen and your hairy continues very agitated or scared, you can speak in a soft voice and, once he is awake, caress him carefully.

And if you want to prevent your dog from having nightmares, you just need to provide the essential care to establish a positive routine, with proper physical and mental stimulation, a good education and early socialization, a complete and balanced nutrition and an enriched environment in which your best friend finds positive ways to channel his energy and have fun during your absence. Also, do not forget that dogs have nightmares eventually and that it's totally normal.

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How to make nightmares not happen

It is really normal for dogs to dream or even have nightmares. But nevertheless, if they occur continuously they could lead to more serious problems.

Some animals dream of storms, water, or even difficult times they have already lived. However, we can do little at home to avoid them. The best thing to prevent nightmares from happening is get in touch with a specialist. I may recommend some medication that helps pets sleep better.

In any case, know that Nightmares and dreams are normal, but what they should not be more serious events. If you see that you have major problems, contact a professional.