Four homemade cat mind toys


Cats are intelligent animals in themselves, but for good mental and physical health it is necessary that such intelligence be stimulated.

We know that animals are intelligent, especially when we have them as pets at home and see what they are capable of, what they understand and what they are able to assimilate. But we are not aware of how far that intelligence goes and that we have to stimulate it so that it does not decay and the animal always remains in a full state.

Dogs are guided by primary instincts and for a feeling of pride and overprotection that comes from the wolves and deposits it in us when they become part of our family.

But the case of cats is very different. Cats are much more independent animals, which at first glance seem to be unaware of what is going on around them especially if it has to do with us. Quite the opposite. The cats are highly intelligent and when they are free, their hunter profile comes to light so as not to miss anything that passes by. But they also get tired soon of chasing a single prey, are selfish and will only look at what they have in front of their eyes, not something that is far away or hidden.

In domestic cats this changes. His hunter instinct is somewhat more asleep, so his intelligence has to be more stimulated through games that make them alert and look for all possible options to find their reward. And what is the reward? Food. A cat will not play with toys or moving objects if there is no food to stimulate him to get there. It is much better for them to spend the hours lying in the heat of a stove or in a soft and padded place, where to sleep all day, so you have to encourage you to always play with the reward that you will receive a prize in the form of succulent food . As you have read before, dogs move by instincts and written rules, they know what exact time you are going to do your daily tasks, but cats move for rewards and if there is no such reward for him, it is not worth the effort.

Toys to stimulate the intelligence of the cat

Ideally, when you have a pet cat at home, it is spending time with him. Although it is a very independent animal, it also needs attention, games and ways to stimulate its intelligence. Also, spend that time playing with your pet it will do you much good too, you will have a fun and stressful time, in which to forget about daily problems.

But day to day is very complicated to wear sometimes and it is normal that you can not spend with your pussy as long as you would like. For that there are in stores specialized in pet, an infinity of objects and toys that can help you continue exercising your smart part and thus have a fuller and healthier life. Since interactive balls and toysin addition to smart scrapers, but The most popular are the mazes.

These labyrinths are great toys in which there is a ball inside a closed circuit in constant motion. The cat hunter instinct makes it much smarter and always wants to pick up any object that is moving nearby, to hunt. That is why he will try to catch the ball inside the maze all the time, without success. In other of these mazes, candy is hidden in some parts which the cat can access, but he will have to look for the way and use his intelligence to know how.

But you don't have to spend money on an expensive toy for your cat when you can stimulate his intelligence or create an easy toy yourself at home. Always have one window abroad where the cat can spend hours watching what happens outside It is a good way for the pussycat to be calm and with a busy mind. But be careful, notice that the window does not open to any garden where you can see small animals or trees where you can see birds. If you see a small animal that could become its prey but is unattainable, it can cause the cat to suffer a very stressful situation, which will not do him any good.

Finally, as you know the mind of the human being is also wonderful, so you can create toys at home yourself in a very easy way and with very few materials. One of the options is to take a carton box That is quite rigid and resistant and is closed on all sides. In one of them, make some medium sized holes and file the surface well so that the cat does not suffer damage. Enter some of your favorite toys and especially food into the holes, you know that it is your main motivation when playing. Now you can see how your pussy can spend hours trying to figure out how to get inside both his toys and that delicious food.

In the same way, another of the easy toys you can do at home is to take a small amount of rolls of toilet or kitchen paper and pile them in the shape of a pyramid. Seal them with strong adhesive tape or strong glue, and insert inside the rolls small pieces of feed next to toys. Your cat can spend hours playing to take out and put the toys to get the food.

You can also manipulate his scraper so that in the highest zone you have a reward for your effort. Thus, in addition to stimulating their intelligence to find a way to reach that reward, you will be taking care of their nails and their health.

Any of these motivations is good so that our little furry does not stop being as intelligent as we know and his physical and mental health is always in his best state. Remember that having a pet is not a toy for us and needs minimum and necessary care that we must give daily.

Cat mind toys

The cat toys help stimulate the feline mind and develop the intelligence of our furry friend. "A feline in the wild hunts between 10 and 20 prey of different sizes a day, although domestic cats do not need to hunt to eat, they also need to chase objects to maintain their psychological health," concludes a study on feline behavior at the University of Ohio .

Homemade cats do not need to hunt to eat, but to maintain their intelligence and develop their personality

As a result of this heritage, our four-legged friends enjoy cat toys that they turn, they move, they hide, they run. That is, they force the animal to think and interact with them.

Toys for cats can be very Different types. There are those designed for lovers of air games or for furry companions more attracted to land chases. But, in addition, they can be designed specifically to stimulate the mind of the cat.

These smart toys can be purchased at specialized pet stores. But it is also possible to manufacture them at home, in a short time, for free and with surprising results especially for the feline player! How? They are collected below four homemade smart cat toys.

1. Puzzle for cats with a taper

This great feline puzzle made with a taper is one of the most interesting and economical proposals for the cat's demanding mind. The idea is to use a simple plastic pan, such as those used to store food or take food to work, as proposed by the blog The Glam Cat.

Toys for the mind of the cat can be made with a taper, cardboard boxes and even with paper rolls

The first step is trim three circles on the lid, with the help of a very sharp cutter or scissors, and carefully remove the remains of plastic that may have been left, with plenty of water or alcohol - in this case, it will be necessary to clean the toy well before offering it to the pussycat.

The taper It is filled with four or five small or medium sized cat toys to be at home (balls, mice, etc.). It is worth incorporating some feed pellets, to make this puzzle even more attractive to the most greedy cats.

We close the taper. and ready! Cats will have guaranteed fun planning their strategy to hunt the rewards - with the help of their paws, spinning the container, etc. - from inside this pan turned into jigsaw puzzles.

2. Cat toy with cardboard box

This cat puzzle only needs one cardboard box closed on all six sides -the more solid, the more consistent the toy will be-, a sharp cutter or scissors and balls For felines we have at home. Failing that, twisted aluminum foil balls will serve as very cheap balls, as the Child Care blog proposes.

Must trim about 12 holes in the box lid. Nothing happens if they are not perfect, but it is a good idea to help yourself with a glass, to trace the circumferences before trimming them. Y. finished!

Just left introduce some toys for cats inside the box: they can be balls, mice, etc. And let the cat think about the best way to get hold of its prey!

3. A homemade cat toy with paper roll

The rolls of toilet paper or empty kitchen paper They are a useful resource with which to build numerous toys for cats for free. The proposal to transform this waste into a valuable and stimulating accessory for the animal's mind is from the Catster blog.

The way to make this smart cat toy with rolls of toilet paper cannot be simpler or cheaper. Simply accumulate some rolls and adhere them in the shape of a pyramid with the help of glue -Better if it's tough-. After, some toys and feed pellets are distributed through the gaps and finished!

4. A cat hunting for the doll hidden in the wood

The last project is for the most tricky. DIY enthusiasts, with time to devote to the manufacture of wood designs and cat lovers are in luck. This puzzle toy for cats is for them.

The idea is to get a smooth wooden surface, thick enough to carve several holes. These holes will be of two sizes: larger ones, which will serve as a refuge for feline edible toys and prizes, and narrower ones, where different wooden rods are inserted vertically. The rods are intended to complicate the cat's life, who must find the easiest way to reach his prize.

Do you have any more ideas for making toys for your pet's mind? You can share it in the comments section. Thank you!

How to help my cat to be more active?

When a cat stays resting for a long time, even when it can be thought that it is calm, it can really be the opposite: stress is one of the main causes that can lead the feline to sedentary lifestyle.

To learn how to stimulate our cat to exercise more, we interview Rosana Álvarez Bueno, Veterinary specialist in Behavioral Medicine of the clinicVeterinary Ethology, who mentions to us, first, that the lack of exercise in the catmay cause obesity.

"Obesity has a prevalence of between 25 and 30% in cats", he says, and warns that this condition increases the risk in the cat of suffering from diseases such as diabetes mellitus, lower urinary tract problems (FLUTD), arthritis and osteoarthritis, skin diseases, liver lipidosis, exercise intolerance and heart problems. These risks are more than enough reasons to monitor our cat, determine the existence of a problem in time and go to the veterinarian to treat it.

Why does a cat become sedentary?

If a sedentary lifestyle is caused by stress, it can be caused by different reasons, such as the presence of other animals in the home with whom you have to share the territory, due to changes in the owners' routine, changes, changes in the physical space of the home, presence of other cats outside, repeated attempts by the owner to pet and catch the cat, lack of environmental enrichment, punishment, among other causes.

It can also happen that inactivity is caused by some health problem. The specialist points out that cats, due to their nature as solitary hunters, tend to hide and remain still so that their discomfort is not noticed. "Knowing this, we should be more alert when we see our cat show similar behavior," he advises.

Playing with my cat: a matter of time and imagination

Fortunately, Stimulate the game in the cat is very easy and cheap, since it only takes a little time and imagination. Given that the game behavior in the cat is based on hunting, he will want to chase and catch everything that moves in front of him. "It is very important not to play with our own body, or the cat will get used to hunting hands and feet and then we will regret it," recommends the veterinarian.

We can induce the game with a simple ball of silver paper, throw pellets of feed into the air, with a roll of toilet paper, a worm made with a rope, an elastic band and other homemade toys. Taking advantage of another of the common behaviors in cats such as hiding, we can encourage it to move if we put toys and objects that call your attention inside a simple box.

As the search for food is another of the feline abilities that we can use to make it move, it is also possible to hide food in small boxes or in high places where you can climb and climb.


Care must be taken not to leave objects within the cat's reach such as threads, cords, wool or small pieces. Nor should plastic bags be used for games due to the danger of suffocation. As for the game with the laser pointer, it is advisable to point with it some food or some toy, otherwise we can cause frustration in the animal by chasing something that can not hunt.

“As an important fact, we must take into account that the cat will not play for a long time and that it should not be saturated. It is preferable to play 5 minutes several times a day: they like it better. Therefore, there is no need to worry if after 3 minutes the cat leaves, ”says the specialist.

It also highlights the importance of changing toys, rotate them and always bring a new one, to stimulate you more. It also advises the use of CatnipTo stimulate the cat to play.

What benefits has a greater stimulation for the cat?

The game is a necessity in the cat, like scratching, grooming or hunting. It is a necessary behavior for their physical and psychological well-being: a stressed animal can suffer an alteration in his immune state, which will predispose him to suffer any disease. Instead, a happy cat is a healthy cat.

If it's a older cat, games and hunting will also continue to be part of their behavior. However, we must bear in mind that they may suffer from some age-related pathologies, such as osteoarthritis or heart disease that may restrict your ability to exercise due to pain or fatigue.

You also have to take into account the neuronal degeneration due to age. The ability to learn and concentrate is no longer the same. Therefore, you should not be required to exercise with much mental or physical difficulty. It is necessary to adapt the way of playing to the age the animal lives.

3 tips to avoid constipation in puppies

During the First 3 weeks you should feed exclusively on breast milk to meet your nutritional needs, which is usually sold in specialized stores powder to mix with water and give in bottle for kittens. Do not give cow or human milk since the stomach of the kittens is delicate and causes digestive problems. To be well h> the milk shots should always be complemented with fresh water.

Heat helps make your needs

The newborn kittens they need constant heatsince they are not able to regulate its temperature during its first 4 weeks of life. Kittens find shelter in the mother's body heat, but in case of orphaned kittens we can provide us with a basket with padded base with blankets, towels and apply a bag of warm water wrapped in towels or electric blanket at body temperature to keep warm.

Stimulate the kitten to make his needs

The mother cat naturally stimulates the kitten by licking its gut, anus and genitals. To help you, imitate this care by giving gentle massages in the gut with the fingers in circular movements and with a cloth or cotton cloth moistened in warm water to help you evacuate. Make these massages several times a day, after giving him the bottle, and inside the sand tray. In case of constipation, in addition to lukewarm massages, you can enter the tip of a sprig of parsley soaked in olive oil or paraffin in the anal canal by making small circles.

When to take it to the vet? If, despite these cares, your cat does not meet his needs in 24-48 hours, ask the veterinarian to evaluate the treatment against constipation, which can be a lavativa with warm water injected with syringe or suppository for babies to avoid intestinal obstruction.