Do you know the Maine Coon breed? One of the largest cat species


He Maine coon cat He stands out for being a big, robust and docile feline. However, due to its peculiarities in terms of characteristics, personality or care, it will be essential to inform us previously if our desire is to adopt one. Known as the "gentle giant" cat, this cat is among the most popular giant cat breeds.

In this breed of Animal Expert we will show you everything you need to know about the Maine coon cat breed, starting with its origins as a rural cat, going through its character and care and ending with the frequent health problems in the breed or veterinary advice that you should know. Discover below how Maine coon cats are and let yourself be seduced by their beauty and sweet character.

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The large size of the Maine Coon makes them unique. But, in addition, they are very friendly, friendly and tender cats.

This breed of cats is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular. They have several characteristics that make them unique and that also give them their great beauty. His head is square and his eyes keep perfect symmetry, which makes his look very recognizable. They have high ears and pointed, which is also a mark of their race.

Males can weigh between 7 and 10 kilos and females between 5 and 10 kilos. Its large size and weight are one of the features that are most visible next to the fur of its neck as a necklace. The tail also has a lot of hair and has been compared to that of raccoons. It is silky and waterproof, characteristics that served to hunt and move easily among the vegetation.

A feeding of giants

How could it be otherwise, the Maine Coon have a great appetite that they must meet continuously, which makes this breed is considered one of the greatest weight. It is necessary to keep track of your diet, as a supercharged coon It can weigh more than 12 kilos, and with his sedentary personality can end up being a serious problem.

He has no stinging about eating, this breed likes almost everything, is voracious and enjoys eating a lot. But the Maine Coon have a special weakness for seafood, which can even become An addictive obsession.

Friendly and active temperament

This cat has a good temperament, enjoys playing, is affectionate and despite its size and being considered an outside cat, it integrates very well in the routine of a family, even if the space in which it is his turn to live is interior. It is friendly, active and socializes with great ease.

Like all cats, Maine coons enjoy watching life pass by in an intense rest. However, as good cats, they keep intact their instincts and the agility that characterizes them, and they are always willing to play and catch a prey.

Your skin has a high hyper-moisture>

Maine coons are considered very intelligent cats, capable of recognizing a wide range of words and commands from their owners. And communicating "orally" is also one of its qualities, because the meats and twitter of the Maine Coon are very special, and this breed is very easy to modulate its voice and It is capable of producing a rich variety of tones and textures that serve to express themselves with animals of their kind, humans and to threaten their prey.

One of the weak points of the Maine Coon are their joints, due to their great muscles and because they are prone to sedentary routines. The ways to maintain your joint health is to include in your diet a specific diet that enhances your joint development.

It is also important to brush it quite regularly, as your hair is dense and long, and can generate knots. Further, It has seasonal molts, So it releases a lot of hair, which will make it even more necessary to take care of your fur so that the hairballs do not become a risk.

Their health can be jeopardized by feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which, like Persian cats, has a high incidence of>

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Where do Maine Coons come from?

There are types of speculations and legends regarding the dawn of Maine Coon, as the name suggests appears for the first time in Maine, United States. It is believed to be a breed that has originated from several crossbreeds of ancient and wild cat breeds. The most rational theories focus on a miscegenation of Siberian and ancient Angora cats imported into this area.

It is also said that the person responsible for these crossings was Marie Antoinette in her flight to the US, although she did not reach American territory if the cats that accompanied her did so.

It has even been speculated that it is the result of a miscegenation between a cat and a raccoon, since the way of walking and the tail is very reminiscent of this animal. This animal also owes the second part of its name "coon" of racoon in English.

How do I know if a cat is a Maine Coon?

The first and most noteworthy thing to see if a cat is of this curious breed is the size, obviously. These cats are almost twice as common as one, in addition to having a larger head and more corpulent and robust body.

Its tail is very characteristic since they have a lot of fur and also very dense, as in the case of the raccoon. Her hair is long and dense to adapt to the cold and her ears have hair protrusions that will remind you of wild cats.

They also have another very interesting feature and they have very few cats: polydactylism. This means that many copies of Maine Coon will have more fingers or pads than usual, especially on the front legs and even on the back. This is because it is a cat rather with a physiognomy characteristic of the predator and not of captivity so they have this physical peculiarity.

How is your character?

The Maine Coons could be said to still they retain a lot of their wild nature, that is why, despite his gentle docile nature, he also needs a lot of space where he can cope with and not be attached to his owners. The ideal habitats for this cat breed is in a house with lots of space and garden, because of its size and anatomy you can feel a little withdrawn in a small house and without the outdoors.

Should we bathe the Maine Coon?

It is not mandatory to bathe it but it is recommended, bathing the cat we will get rid of dead hair, dirt and some parasite that has lodged in the fur. It should be remembered that, as in other cats, they have a different ph from humans, so they should be treated with a shampoo suitable for them. You can also include some product with softener so that your fur is much softer and brighter.

Do I have to brush it?

Maine Coons usually have long hair to a greater or lesser extent, but this is usually a general pattern. Although brushing is not strictly necessary since your hair does not tangle like that of Persian cats, if it is recommended. In this way we will help the cat to get rid of dust and dead fur, also avoiding the famous hairballs.

Other specific Maine Coon care

As we mentioned before, they are cats that need a lot of nature, so it is best for them to enjoy an open space so they can have freedom. Otherwise they are cats that develop some stress and this can be a problem for the cat's health and psychology.

It is also important to sterilize them according to the previous aspect. For example, a male cat tends to escape more when it is a time of heat. If our space is ample and we even contemplate crossing it, there will be no problem. However, a Maine Coon with a small space may escape looking for a female.

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Maine Coon Characteristics

Without a doubt, one of the distinctive and most striking features of this cat is its size. The Maine Coon is a powerful, robust and very strong cat, which leaves most domestic cat breeds well below in comparison to its physical power. It emphasizes in its physical composition its elongated and muscular body, its square head and of medium or large size, and a long and hairy tail.

In its rather square head, large and deep eyes and large erect ears stand out, with long hair that give it a very nice expression, and also something wild. The eyes can be of any color, although light-eyed cats are generally preferred, but the color of the eyes of Maine Coon kittens is a matter of pure genetics.

The legs are also long and robust, muscular and prepared for any race or jump. If this animal is exercised properly and gains muscle tone, it becomes an elegant cat while majestic, light in its movements despite its size and constitution. Something you can achieve very easily due to your active energy and your constant desire to play and perform all kinds of activities.

The breed standard does not set limits on its size, although it is normal to double in length and almost in height to ordinary and normal-sized cats, such as short-haired American. As for the weight, it can also be very variable in proportion to its size, although the most common is that the specimens are between 5 and 11 kilos, also depending on their sex and other variables.

The other characteristic that defines the Maine Coon cat is its fur, a long double-layer coat, very soft dense both in its outer layer and in its inner layer. In areas such as the head, the ends of the legs or shoulders is much shorter, and in other areas it exceeds the average length, such as the hind legs or the tail. The most common color in this cat is brown, but specimens can be found in all colors, except for specific shades such as cinnamon.

Maine Coon Behavior

The Maine Coon cat is a great pet because of its sweet and friendly character. It is by nature a sociable and playful cat, who with little effort will get along with people of any age and also with other species of animals. To achieve this, it will be enough to adequately socialize the puppies, in the first place, by letting them be with their mother and siblings until approximately two months, and subsequently making them relate to all the animals and people that are possible.

This animal adapts easily to all circumstances as long as it is offered the necessary care and the attention it demands. His needs for play and fun are higher than in other quieter races, so it will be essential to spend quality time with him. If you have a large space to move and explore, and a family to play with, you will undoubtedly be a happy, obedient and docile cat at all times.

It is also a very intelligent race, able to learn orders and recognize a good number of words. In addition, training will be an interesting mental challenge for this animal, so it is an exercise more than recommended to improve the relationship between pet and owner.

Main diseases of Maine Coon

Like all cats, the Maine Coon can be prone to certain diseases. Hence, it is so important to go to the vet frequently in a preventive manner, and maintain good health habits in general. However, this breed may suffer in greater proportion than others, certain health problems, such as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia or pectus excavatum. The most important thing to prevent or stop as soon as possible a health problem is to monitor the cat's behavior and if there is any change in his daily habits.

A- Offspring of the Vikings

This theory is supported by the historical version that points out the Vikings as pioneers in reaching the New Continent.

It is believed that by the eleventh century, Nordic sailors carried cats of the Norwegian Forest breed, with very long hair, in the cellars of their long boats or drakkars, by superstition and in order to get rid of the rats that ate the grain.

This current of research indicates that, during the raids in America, it is possible that some of the big and hairy Nordic cats mated with the native American mountains and, from this crossing, the felines we know today as Maine Coon emerged.

Maine Coon basic care

The Maine Coon is a large and long-haired cat, which implies that its care will be slightly more expensive than those of other breeds, although not more complex. The biggest difference will be in the expense in food and in the time that will be necessary to invest so that its fur is always in perfect conditions. You should keep in mind that this breed is prone to obesity, so you should always provide your cat Maine Coon with quality food that provides everything you need and is healthy. In addition, the ration should be divided into two or three daily shots to avoid eating a lot at once.

As for the mantle, it will be necessary to brush it frequently, if possible once a day, but always a minimum of three or four times a week. This guideline is essential to keep your fur beautiful, shiny, and knot-free, but also to avoid other possible problems, such as the animal ingesting too much hair when grooming on its own and producing dangerous hairballs inside its stomach. In addition, the time of brushing can be ideal to find any problem related to the skin, allergies, parasites, etc. It is also advisable to bathe it promptly to remove all dirt from your coat.

Of course, you cannot forget that all cats need to be exercised properly. For this, it will be essential that the owner spend quality time with them, playing and doing different activities. Also, as support, it may be a good idea to have some feline toys and structures where the animal can climb, sharpen the nails, etc. The Maine Coon is not a race as active as others, but we must ensure that you exercise frequently so that you do not take too much weight.

B- Queen Maria Antonieta's cats

A popular story argues that in 1793, Marie Antoinette, archduchess of Austria and queen consort of France and Navarra, in her attempt to escape from her country, because of the French Revolution, embarked towards the new continent, in the ship led by Samuel Clough of Wiscasset, Maine.

It is said that, in addition to his neat luggage, composed of objects of art, furniture, dishes and cutlery of great value, he carried six long-haired cats.

These felines were of the Turkish Angora breed, highly valued among the kings of the time.

Marie Antoinette did not reach her intended destination, but her cats did, who landed safe and sound in Wiscasset, Maine.

According to this version, once on land, Marie Antoinette's cats mixed with the native American felines and the Maine Coon breed emerged from this crossing.

C- Sailor Tom Coon's cats

Another story relates the origin of the Maine Coon with Tom Coon, an English captain, cat lover.

This sailor liked to take on board very diverse cats, as an amulet, because he associated the luck of the ship with the company of these animals.

During their stops in Britain, the captain's cats crossed paths with the esteemed Persian and Angora breeds.

This legend tells that, as a result of this miscegenation, new cats were born called Coon’s cats, in honor of the sailor's name.

The Maine Coon, a very special cat

And you're going to realize this from the first glance, since the Maine Coon cat It has revealed itself as one of the larger cat breeds. On a popular level, it is even considered that they are the largest domestic cats. Keep in mind that males weigh between 7 and 10 kilos and females can reach between 5 and 10 kg.

Learn to recognize a Maine Coon

We have already advanced the greatness of Maine Coon, but it is interesting that you consider some other physical features of these kittens. In this way, you can identify them better, sometimes they could be confused with the Norwegian Forest or the Siberian Cat.

They have a square head and symmetrical eyes, so her beautiful look has become one of her hallmarks. His eyes are large and the ears are long and pointed. As for the body, remember that it is a particularly muscular and strong race. Their coatings can change, and as we will tell you later, they can have a mantle of different colors.

The Maine Coon and its social skills

On the other hand, they are affectionate cats. They will sit regularly near you, looking for your closeness, but at the same time they are independent cats, who like to be calm. They quickly get used to active families and even those with other pets, such as dogs. Not in vain, They are very sociable animals and try to communicate through different kinds of meows.

How do you eat a Maine Coon?

First of all, we remind you that cats need amounts of calories (especially from puppies) that go in relation to their size. In this regard, the Maine Coons must be fed with food with quality nutrients and low in grain, to be able to provide them with proteins of high biological power, such as the Barf diet or dehydrated natural food.

However, when they get older (a Maine Coon can live until practically sixteen), they will have to consume lower calorie foods. Otherwise, since they are not going to burn so many fats, they can tend to be overweight. When having a big mouth, remember to give croquettes in correspondence with that size, if you opt for traditional food. In this way, they will develop their jaw and will not have oral hygiene problems.

Water cats?

You don't need to bathe it regularly. If the cat lives indoors, it is not going to need to be passed through water frequently. So one less problem ... However, we recommend the use of shampoos and special natural oils for cats, if you do. And also remember that your hydration is more than enough. That they always have access to quality hydrogen peroxide.

Maine Coon Characteristics

He Maine Coon cat It adapts easily to harsh climates. Its bright fur is thick and elegant and with a silky collar like the one the lions have It gives a certain wild and fierce air. It is longer in the areas of the neck, belly and hind legs, which protects it from snow and water, and shorter in the back to easily slide through the vegetation.

His ears are long and pointed, and usually finish in some characteristic brushes. Its head and snout have a square shape which, together with its large eyes, makes it easier for it to hunt its prey. its tail is long and with abundant fur, very similar to that of raccoons. Perhaps this is the reason for his name "Maine Coon", given that the English name of the raccoons is "racoon".

Maine Coon exhibits

The first Maine Coon exhibitions took place logically, in the United States. We know that E.R.Pierce, a woman who had a black and white Maine Coon called "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines" documented the first steps of this feline breed in the USA. Thanks to her, information about contests and their winners has come to this day. Thus we know that in 1878 twelve Maine Coon cats in Boston were presented to the contest.

A few years later, in 1895, and no less than in Madison Square Garden in New York, the largest and most well-known contest was held, which was won by a kitty named Cosey whose owner was Mrs. Baker. Cosey received a silver medal with the inscription "National Cat Show, 1895" which is now in the CFA (Cat Fanciers ’Association).

The exhibits spread throughout the beginning of the 20th century throughout the USA. However, the popularization of other pedigree breeds such as the Persian Cats did lose prominence to the Maine Coon, until they were even declared extinct in 1950, which fortunately was not true. Today they have regained the interest of cat lovers. As you are already falling in love with this breed of cats, we invite you to continue reading more about it.

Temperament and character of Maine Coon cats

Maine Coons are very affectionate cats, but not too dependent. He will be a good companion and friend, but don't expect to have him in your arms too much. It adapts very well to active families and even with other animals like dogs around, as we had already commented.

They are calm, but, in turn, demonstrate your agility when you least expect it and despite being so big. For example, when a mouse passes in front of them and they prepare to hunt it as if there were no tomorrow. And it is that he who had retained and in the instinct of these animals continues his hunter origin.

Care of Maine Coon cats

It's very important monitor the feeding of the Maine Coon, that is of quality and to try certain daily activity, to play with them, that can access to wide spaces to foment their mobility. Another factor to consider in this breed is its long hair, which requires daily brushing to remove dead hairs, routinely.

The use of suitable brushes is the most recommended, given the high density they have, as well as providing them with malt to facilitate the expulsion of ingested hair when licking. In addition, as in any healthy life plan, they will need to do some moderate physical exercise a day. It is very good for them, to play with rods or interactive toys, to stimulate their hunting "desire" and release that vital energy that they have. Maine Coon Cat.

In relation to the bathroom, it is not necessary to do it very often and more if you do not have access to the outside. If it is done, just use a specific shampoo for long-haired cats and then dry it with a suitable towel or dryer and never directly.

And another important point is that they are always well hydrated, encourage them to drink hydrogen peroxide and quality water. Water is essential to keep the ph and natural oils in their fur, as well as to regulate their urinary system in these large cats.

All the colors of the Maine Coon

If you expect to recognize these cats for some special color, you are not in luck. Among the characteristics that make these animals so unique, we must highlight that of the diversity of colors in which you can find them. Therefore, you will see Maine Coon in black, white and cream colors. Likewise, the specimens also stand out in Tonalities tabby and hawksbill.

This is his mantle

One of the hallmarks of the Maine Coon is its mantle, which provides a majesty that immediately attracts attention. Especially, highlight the length and density of the hair of the belly and the panties. Its collar is slightly reminiscent of that of a lion and the overall texture is silky and smooth.

An extraordinary feature that you might not know about the Maine Coon

In the line of surprises that this breed holds, there is a physical characteristic that, surely, you did not expect. And it is not a unique feature, but even extraordinary. We refer to polydactyly. We clarify that this word means have some more finger of the common ones in other cats.

The origin of this circumstance is the presence of a dominant gene in any of the parents. This feature occurs, on the other hand, in 40% of the copies. However, it is one which

Recommended accessories for Maine Coon

You will also wonder what toys and accessories are preferred by the Maine coon. Basically, they will need those that have a size according to their large dimensions. Therefore, you should buy them large sandboxes, scrapers that are at their height and sturdy beds and original styles, such as the one that has a base reminiscent of the rattan.

The Maine Coon Hall of Fame

Lorenzo The Cat is a beautiful Maine Coon cat who lives in glamorous Florida, specifically in Miami. Your owner, Joann Biondi, is a photographer who has made him a famous feline in the world of fashion. It has a great impact on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, and has its own YouTube channel.

Adopt or buy a Maine Coon?

These cats, like everyone else, are also abandoned, but if you are thinking of sharing your life with a Maine Coon cat, it will be very difficult for you to do it, because they are cats that mostly, They come from specialized breeding sites. These are responsible for maintaining the breed, with all the health guarantees and characteristics of these beautiful cats.

We are always in favor of adoption, but if you want to have a Maine Coon, we always recommend that you do it in an official hatchery with all the health guarantees, vaccination card up to date and pedigree to indicate to us, that it is a reliable and recognized hatchery. They should advise you and accompany you in all the doubts you have.

Well, we know a little more about this special breed and they are big and very special cats. Do you share your life with a Maine Coon? Tell us about it and if you liked the article, share it and ronronéalo with the world 😉

Curiosities of the Maine Coon

  • One of the legends about the breed says that Queen Marie Antoinette of France tried to escape to the United States, taking with her six of her Turkish Angora cats. Although she never managed to reach her destination, the cats would have, specifically Wiscasset, a town in the state of Maine. According to this popular belief, it would be these six cats who, when crossing with Native American cats, who gave rise to the Maine Coon cat breed.
  • The Maine Coon cat breed is famous for the sounds it emits, as it is one of the most talkative. It is very frequent to hear loud and persistent meows, in addition to many other noises that will be the general tonic of the house.
  • Although most cats are reluctant to contact with water, the Maine Coon is an exception. This breed usually enjoys bathing and water games, which is an advantage when it comes to maintaining animal hygiene.

If you want to buy a Maine Coon cat, forget about pet stores or private sales. Find a professional breeder and specialized in the breed, because he will be the only one who can offer you the necessary guarantees about the health of your puppy and his character based on his parents. The Maine Coon cat breed is undoubtedly one of the most special in the feline kingdom, but also requires specific care. Make sure you can give it to them and your relationship will be perfect for a long time.