Because dogs stick when they mate


When two dogs get stuck while riding, They should NOT be separated. The reason is simple: due to the anatomy of the dog's reproductive system, separating animals by force would only result in serious damage to both dogs. The female would probably suffer a vaginal tear or a prolapse, while the male could also suffer a tear in the penis. Thus, if you try to avoid the apparent suffering of the dog during this process, the most sensible thing is not to let the ride take place. However, this may happen without realizing it and we do not know how to act. Therefore, in this article of Animal Expert we will talk about how to separate two dogs when they get stuck And why is this.

Why don't dogs separate when they mate?

The male's reproductive system consists of several parts: scrotum, testicles, epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, urethra, foreskin and penis. However, to understand why we should not separate them, we will focus only on the party involved, penis. When the dog is in a state of rest, the penis is inside the foreskin (visible part), so in a normal state we cannot visualize it. Once the dog is excited for any reason, or starts the erection to feel a dog in heat, the penis comes out of the foreskin, and that is when we see that the dog "has the dick out", as some tutors often say. It is presented as a pink organ, so it is not surprising that especially beginner tutors are surprised to see it for the first time and even believe that something bad happens to your dog. It is normal, so there is no reason to worry.

The dog's penis is formed by the penile bone and the penis bulb. During penetration, the male ejaculates in three phases or fractions, and in each of them expels more or less sperm. In the second phase, as a result of the venous compression experienced by the penis and, therefore, the blood concentration, the penile bulb considerably increases its size and is completely coupled in the vaginal vestibule, giving rise to the call buttoning. Here, the male turns without removing the female's penis and both are stuck, usually on their backs, so that the ejaculation can end and the dog gets pregnant. It is a natural process, which the dog's body developed to guarantee the survival of the species without endangering the lives of future parents, since during this process the animals are fully exposed and, when turned, they have the possibility of controlling the environment. Beyond its vulnerability, a dog takes much longer to ejaculate than other animals, and until the bulb is not completely relaxed (and therefore deflated) the takeoff does not occur. With this method in which the bulb is enlarged and the female cannot be separated, nature itself ensured that the male could fertilize it. Thus, dogs do not get stuck because the semen that the dog expels is too thick, as many people believe, but because the time involved in ejaculation causes the bulb to enlarge.

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Why DO NOT separate two dogs copulating?

Once the bulb enlarges and attaches to the female's vaginal vestibule, if dogs are forcibly separated they may suffer the following damage:

  • Vaginal tear
  • Vaginal prolapse
  • Hemorrhage
  • Penis tear
  • Penile fracture
  • Internal injuries

All this causes a lot of pain in both dogs due to the wounds caused in their genitals, so you should never separate two dogs attached. If the riding has occurred, there is no choice but to wait for the dogs to separate themselves. At this time, both will lick their intimate parts, the male's penis will re-enter the foreskin and everything will return to normal.

How long does the mating of dogs last?

In general, mating dogs usually lasts about 30 minutes, although some dogs end in 20 and others take up to 60. In this way, if the dogs have been stuck for a while and do not separate, you should not be alarmed, since, as we have already said, the ejaculation of the dog is slow and should be Let nature act.

What to do when two dogs get stuck?

Absolutely nothing. Separating the dogs by copulating will only have very negative consequences for their health, so the only thing that can be done is ensure a relaxed and quiet environment. During this process in which the male is turned and both dogs are on their backs, it is possible to observe the agitated, nervous female, whining and even trying to separate. It is a normal attitude, since for some it can be a bit annoying. Therefore, the last thing we should do is to promote his state of nerves, since, unintentionally, she could cause serious damage to the male or her own reproductive system. Thus, we will prevent other animals or people from approaching the couple and we will try offer them privacy so they can finish the process without problems.

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How to prevent two dogs from mating?

If we do not want pregnancy to occur, the best way to prevent two dogs from mating is by sterilization. If the dog does not go into heat, no male will want to ride her. Now, if it is the male that we intend to sterilize, it should be noted that this fact does not prevent him from mating with a dog, it simply guarantees that he cannot fertilize it. In this way, a sterilized male can also be attracted to a female in heat and carry out the riding, with the consequent buttoning, so you should not separate two dogs attached even if the male is neutered.

If sterilization is not an option, here are some tips to prevent two dogs from crossing:

  • Shun any contact of a female in heat with males and vice versa.
  • During the walks, always check the dogs and act during the courtship, before riding.
  • If courtship is present, it should be capture the attention of dogs to divert it to the other side and avoid mating. This can be through are>

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Then the reason why dogs stick when mating

When the female receives the male, he begins to make a series of movements and when they finally mate the male is mounted to the female from behind. An associated and receptive female will move her tail to the side and allow the male to get a good grip. The act of reproduction of the canines is a little different from that of human beings.

In dogs, the penis is not completely erect when it enters the dog's vagina, penetration is achieved thanks to a bone inside the dog's member called baculum that keeps the penis erect. Once the penetration is performed, the bulbus glandis, which is defined as an erectible tissue that is located at the base of the penis, fills with blood and inflates with what traps the member inside the vagina, and is colloquially known as « they stuck. The dog usually turns around and is in the opposite position to the female so that its rear parts are connected.

Generally the time in which the dogs remain in this position can vary, usually it is between 15 to 30 minutes, the dogs can not be separated until the ejaculation is over and the bulbus glandis deflates and is released. In the case of mating in stray dogs this does not usually happen, since as the female receives many males, they press among themselves to have their turn and then do not usually finish the intercourse in time.

Moment after the dogs have stuck, the male begins to release sperm and prostate fluid. Getting stuck during mating is extremely normal in dogs. This states that the semen will stay in the female's vagina increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Being stuck could stress some dogs in certain cases, especially if it is their first time. It is important that if you are trying to mate your pet and you find that they have been stuck, do not try to separate them sharply even if they seem stressed or injured, since you could end up fracturing the male's penis. It is best to be patient and monitor them closely to avoid any accidents. In addition, it is also important to know that the female could also suffer pain if it is abruptly separated, since her internal genitalia is also larger.

A big scared and stressed female could attack her partner and vice versa. Just reassure them and wait for the bulb to decrease in size and naturally separate.

At the time of mating between dogs the following circumstances arise:

  • The two exemplary dogs will begin to smell each other.
  • Giving them time is the best for this act, since in this way we will avoid fights between them. Time for them to sniff, so they know each other well and play a little.
  • Once the presentations have been made, the male will try to mount the dog but it will not be left. You will have to do it several times until the dog is allowed to ride and the mating between the two dogs begins.
  • Once the dog is mounted, the dog will make a series of movements until it turns around and is in position. This is what many people know as "getting stuck." As we mentioned before, in real> It is very important that while the dogs mate they are in a quiet place and without any pressure, since a sharp separation could fracture the dog's penis.

Once this action is performed and when the dogs have already separated, the grooming ritual begins, both the female and the male begin to lick their genitals to clean themselves.

Mating of the dogs

Actually, it is a natural biological reaction. When the female is in heat, it produces pheromones that attract the male. The first interaction is to smell the genitals, and then the male rides the female.

According to the Brazilian teacher Paula Papa, of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of the University of São Paulo, when the intercourse begins, the dogs are stuck by the tail.

"When the male inserts the penis into the female's vagina, he expands the penis bulb, which functions as a plug, so that the sperm goes directly to the dog's organism," explains the academic.

For its part, the female's vagina has an anatomical format that fits with the dog's penis, and that is why they stick together during mating.

"As the penis bulb swells during ejaculation, the male cannot separate from the female," says Paula, "and any mechanical intervention can cause injury to the animals."

The act can last from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the breed and the size of the dogs.

An important detail. According to the teacher, the intercourse position It is not necessarily that of the male mounted on the female. «That is just a sign of domination. The intercourse only happens if they are turned. »On the other hand, Paula explains that the bulb reduces its size when the intercourse ends, and the animals naturally separate.

"That evolution has occurred so that the male contributes to the fertilization to occur, since the possibilities are much greater", he completes.

So if you see two dogs stuck, do nothing, it is a completely normal act that is part of the reproductive act.

Article translated from the original VIX Brasil, by author Camila Junqueira.