My dog's first night at home


Puppies have a look that softens our hearts, right? In addition, the behavior they have makes us laugh and spend incredible moments while, almost without realizing it, we are building what will undoubtedly be a pure and true friendship with the hairy.

But of course, a good relationship should start on the right foot, so I'll tell you how to treat a newly arrived puppy home.

The puppy is likely to want to go out and play in the garden, but as it is likely that he still does not have all his vaccinations, it is highly recommended to keep it inside the home until he turns three months, which will be when by then the veterinarian has supplied those you need to strengthen your immune system (that of parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and adenovirus). The question is: How to calm a dog that is willing to play with everything and explore his new home for hours until he falls asleep in his bed?

That is a very good question. It is not easy. But it must be said that it is less complicated than it seems. Yes Yes. In fact, you have to try to have so much fun, that in the end you feel tired. And for that, of course, we have to spend time and play with him.

All dogs need to play, but in puppies the game is even more important if possible. In the market you will find many types of toys: balls, ropes, and also interactive toys that will stimulate your brain. And speaking of intelligence games, you can take advantage to teach you basic orders, such as "feel", "still", "lying" or "leg" (paw), as well as walking on a leash.

In this way, when you can finally boast a puppy, now you will have advanced a lot in your training, which is very interesting, since your dog will have begun to learn how to behave and be a happy animal.

General guidelines for the newly arrived home dog

  • Before arriving home, we must have spoken, among the members who are going to live with him, what rules the dog will have in the house, distribution of responsibilities, empathic predisposition and all act equally.

  • We will let you explore ALL the house, garden, garage. Although then we limit certain areas for access, it is essential that you can identify with your smell family dependence and thus have a spatial composition, it will be of great help to acquire a high degree of confidence and safety in the animal. All this without overwhelming or forcing him.

  • It is very important to know your body language to understand what they want to tell us or how they feel emotionally. This illustrative drawing added to our Facebook page can be of great help.

  • For the mental health of the animal it is not healthy to give them an excess of attention in the first weeks / months and then move to the background, their treatment must be consistent, balanced, affectionate and with certain rules that must be met for an optimal coexistence.

  • For a lasting and cognitive learning, we will use Positive Reinforcement, we will reward the desired behaviors at the precise moment of carrying them out, not several minutes later, we must be quick if we want them to understand what we expect from them. We will not be more than 10 minutes working a learning process or we will get the animal to lose interest and get tired mentally, the important thing is that you finish the exercise doing it well and motivated.

  • Regarding learning, we will remember something of priority: Dogs must be mistaken, learn gradually, allow them to manage part of the time, facilitate understanding and not imposition in a generalized manner, as well as offer them problem solving alone. A very obedient and fast dog that lacks time to think, understand and solve, is not a free and stable dog, we will only have a happy owner of "his work".

  • The rides will be on a regular basis, at least three times a day and a minimum of 40 minutes each. Playing, motivating and interacting is one of the keys.

  • We will change the route of the walks to avoid the monotony of the same smells / same site and that your brain works at low frequency, a high brain activity guarantees healthier and happier dogs.

  • If the dog is small in size, we must forget the topic of "small dogs need to run / walk less", in many individuals it can even be the opposite!

  • If it is a dog very demanding attention, we must lend it when we do well and not always when he demands it, so we will avoid the continuous overexcitation of the animal to always achieve its objectives.

  • A very frequent mistake is at bedtime, when it is new, everyone wants him to sleep in his room but after a while the family becomes accustomed to his presence and changes begin (in most cases fatal to them), It usually happens that the dog goes to sleep somewhere else, even alone and with the door closed - we must prevent this from happening - we must have decided in advance what the place where he sleeps or give him freedom to choose, unlike many opinions, This does not generate any problem.

Here are some examples of very easy and practical games: The tracking , Thinking games , Play with your dog , Thinking Games Nina Ottoson

The lack of current time is one of the biggest problems that our pets suffer. We shorten the time of their walks and races, the time playing with other dogs, the time they need to sniff the surroundings and "start up" their Vomeronasal Organ, - the street or the field is full of a multitude of odorous molecules that inhale to have a perception of the environment - and when we have free time. We usually forget to take them to open spaces without cars, shrill noises and everything we generate in daily urban life.

Mixing the city and natural spaces is essential for dogs that live in an urban environment. While the city accustoms them to daily activity (people, cars, sirens, hustle and bustle in general), the countryside offers them a sip of freedom that is very beneficial for both the dog and the owner. Smells of nature and a multitude of responses of its kind, are 100% beneficial for the balance of both species that coexist!

Mental and physical exercise is a priority as a source of health! Do not neglect the smells, very important and fun for them, for example you can distribute small rewards for the house that he will have to look for.

Do you know why a puppy's first night at home is so stressful?

He lived in another place together with his mother and his brothers and now suddenly everything is different. Most puppies are adopted around two months of life, it is then, having spent so many days with their mother and siblings, when the puppy feels totally disoriented at home and in moments of loneliness (the nights) can start crying. What you are experiencing is stress and we would have it too if the same thing happened to us. Be tolerant: this behavior is very common and requires our patience and affection.

    We will start by placing your bed in a corner without much fuss and where you make sure that he will rest like a king. It can be in your room, in a room just for him, in the living room, in the kitchen. The possibilities are many and choosing depends on you. Keep in mind that many puppies (and adult dogs) are calmer if at the beginning, from their little bed, they can see their new daddies.

When the puppy has already adapted to all the news, between the change of house, family and routine, you can gradually move your bed to the final place you had thought. What you never have to do is take him to bed to sleep with you if after a month you will want to educate him to sleep in his bed. Consistency will be a fundamental part of your puppy's education. So, you know, you have to make guts heart and the sooner you start with the better education. Do not forget that a well-educated animal will provide you with greater happiness and stability.

  • If for your corner, you could get a cloth or a blanket that smells like your mother and siblings It would be a point in your favor: a known smell in a totally new environment can help reduce stress.
  • Some puppies stay calmer if, in their corner, in addition to a blanket they leave their transport With the door open. They can use it to take refuge if they feel insecure.
  • Leave some toys available. Although the first day does not have time to play with all of them, being surrounded by stuffed animals will surely entertain you in case you wake up in the middle of the night. A puppy always wants to play. In this way, if he wakes up, he is less likely to look for you to play and dedicate himself to the stuffed animal that you previously left him.
  • Try to have a good dinner for him to go to bed with a full belly and make sure he has done his little things before going to sleep. Also when you wake up in the morning you will probably have surprises: it still does not control your needs well, so put some newspapers close and ready.
  • Just before leaving it on your bed, avoid raising your level of excitement by riding a super-fun game session. Book this session for another time: it is now better for the puppy to relax while the pace of activities around it slows down and the whole house prepares to go to sleep.
  • Many puppies also relax if a pheromone diffuser is plugged in. for dogs near his bed. But before launching to buy them Check with your veterinarian: he will explain how they work.
  • When you have made all these preparations you can go to bed, but be careful: here begins the most difficult part. When you are in bed and the dog begins to cry you will have to be "strong" and ignore it or learn to cry to get your attention. Don't worry: you will soon get tired and you will get rest. The next nights will be much quieter. However, if you have the puppy in sight and has started crying in the middle of the night, a quick look will ensure that everything is going well.: Some puppies wake up and whimper because they have to do their needs.
  • Maybe it wasn't the night you slept the most but soon you will remember her with some longing and you will see that she soon got used to what her real home was going to be.

    If he is an adult.

    In the case of an adult dog it is very different. You will see how he already has his personality more than formed so The first thing you should do is ask your caregiver, he will know how to advise you and you will play with advantage since you can meet the dog before the dog knows you and, if possible, create a sleeping space similar to what you had before.

    Likewise, despite the precautions, the first night will be a sea of ​​doubt for both you and him. It is difficult to predict how he will react to the change, especially if you have adopted a kennel dog. Will it howl? Will you try to escape? Will it shatter the sofa? With these doubts, it is best not to leave the whole house at your disposal.

    In addition, despite being an adult, at the beginning and especially the first night will be somewhat insecure and will miss even if it does not look like your old home, but soon you will find your new space, so to increase your degree of security habitually from the beginning to your new corner. To create this space and prepare to spend a quiet night you can follow many of the tips that are also worth for puppies and remember that a comfortable bed, tranquility and patience on your part is what you will need most to rest.

    An adult dog, especially if it is a kennel, can come "with luggage", Do not forget that you always have professionals who can help you if at some point you cannot adapt it to the new environment, although we are sure that he will adapt to his new family as soon as he knows them.

    The first nights will fly, being patient and distilling love, we will get a respectful animal with rest.


    Hi, I want to pick up a street map, it's out of my children's school. I have a cat. I still don't talk to the vet, but I would like some advice or recommendations. Regards

    The ideal is to make the presentations well, putting physical separation between them and gradually removing barriers, so that they end up living in the same space. Always always safely. Go telling me!

    Hello! I do not locate the shopping list for the arrival of the puppy

    Oysters! lack! Next week we will begin the course live, so I will be renewing and improving everything, I put it on the list!

    We pick up the puppy and he will be sleeping in the same room as us 20 days in the village in his little bed next door. Then he would be at our house in the kitchen, also with his little bed. Will he get used to sleeping with us and then cry more? We don't want to spoil you

    They choose their resting places, it is all more natural than we think. Personally, I like to let them choose. Although you limit some areas. I mean keeping your puppy in a room ... it would be better to leave him an area. The fact of sleeping with you, if you teach him to know how to be alone does not have to affect him. you see counting!

    Is it right to leave a puppy for 2 and a half months to sleep for 6 to 8 hours in a closed place like a bathroom?

    Ideally, it should be in a more comfortable place. Where he has access to a place to rest, drink ...

    Thanks for all these tips. In addition, once we arrive we will realize other necessary changes so that your stay is the best and we are calm for your safety. Greetings

    Insurance!! you will see that when I am with you, everything is very common sense 🙂 Thank you for your comments

    Good! I needed advice: my husband and I worked in the morning and he would be alone from nine to three-fifteen ... We are going to take a 3-month-old labrador puppy, would it be appropriate to teach him and leave him in a fence (of those dog fences ) with your water and toys?

    The first few weeks, I would seek help so that I could be with him and not be alone for so many hours. It is something provisional, little by little he will learn and it will not be operative to leave him alone for so long. See telling me!

    Hello! I am going to welcome a 6-year-old golden who is used to living in a house and I am going to bring him to an apartment since in the house right now they cannot give him the care he needs.
    The dog is not going to be left alone at home since I can take it to my work but I am afraid that I will not let the neighbors sleep the first night ... It will sleep with me since I have a bed too big for myself.
    In the house lately he spent the nights crying and howling (since his older partner, passed away) I hope that on the floor, being accompanied do not do it but ... Do you advise me something to make our adaptation work ??

    Ideally, before taking it home, I would have shared more days with you. Walks, games ... have before going home, have a date hahahaha Seriously, try to meet a little before the final step. See telling me!

    Hello, I'm going to adopt a two-month Carlino, the problem is that they give it to me a few days before Easter and then we go camping. What should I do? You only have two vaccines but I can't leave it with anyone. Would it be dangerous to take it with me?

    I would better inform you of your trusted veterinarian. There is always a risk, you should be very careful where you are going. 🙂