Cats come home for something other than food


Spend at least 15-30 minutes calling the cat by name, surrounding the site where it was last seen. Make familiar sounds, such as hitting the edge of a can with a fork or shaking a box of dry food.

Leave a door ajar when you return home.

Inform the neighbors immediately about your cat's absence and ask them for permission to look in their garages since cats sometimes hide there. If your windows overlook your house, they may be able to take a look for you.

Comb the neighborhood (recruiting neighbors and children if possible) informing door to door of your cat's characteristics, your telephone number and offering a small reward for any information.

Walk or pedal up and down the last street where your cat was seen and ride your car through your neighborhood. Ask the people you meet and expand your search to surrounding fields and forests.

Cats that are not accustomed to living outside can panic and hide in the bushes. Injured or sick cats also tend to hide.

Use the "lost and found" sections of local newspapers to announce your loss, and check them daily in case someone reports that they found it.

Prepare pasquines with the relevant information about your cat, including its name and a description of its appearance. Contact information must include name, telephone and e-mail. If possible, include a photograph of your pet and photocopy it. Print and distribute the boxes where your cat was last seen and also around your neighborhood. Also distribute it on all the information boards you have at your fingertips.

Call nearby veterinarians notifying them of your loss and provide them with the information in the previous point.


Many lost pets are taken to nearby shelters or kennels. Local animal assistance organizations are also a place to visit. Be sure to provide details such as color, age, size, temperament and other identifying information (microchip, necklace, etc.)

Where do cats go when they leave home?

The truth is Cats are the most discreet animals. What do they do when they leave home? The University of Illinois (United States) finally decided to look for an answer to the question that all of us who have a feline as a pet ask ourselves. The vast majority of cats remained within a radius of about 300 meters from any construction or area inhabited by humans. Even the wild ones! That shows that felines have a certain dependence on people who go beyond food or direct interaction. The truth is that in areas populated by humans there are usually no animals dangerous for survival such as foxes. Is that the reason why cats without owners also love us?

What to do if your cat is lost?

The first thing you should do if you have lost your pet is to check any corner of your house. Search under the beds or inside any closet before alerting your neighborhood. Your cat loves to play hide and seek! In case of not finding him, call the police and alert your neighbors, since the roofs and courtyards of others are one of the favorite recreational sites of the mininos.

If the situation is complicated and you can not find him in the streets near your home, do not hesitate to paste posters through the streets with your photo and a concise description of their appearance. Another useful tool is the Internet, take advantage of new technologies to alert your circle of friends and that they share the publication. If the level of despair increases, do not hesitate to put an article in the local newspaper or offer a reward.

As an animal lover and pet owner, it would be interesting if you were informed about different animal shelters near your home. If someone had found your cat and had not seen your ads, it would most likely have taken him to a shelter, where he would wait anxiously for you to pick him up.

What to do when your cat comes home?

Cats are animals that show little their emotions, in the same way that they usually hide their wounds and ailments. It is very important that you serve food and water to your cat when he returns from his exhaustive adventure, but more importantly, you take him to the vet. Rib fractures are one of the problems that make cats suffer the most and are more difficult to detect at the same time, in the same way as common diseases such as flea diseases.

One last tip

Are you sure now? Never underestimate the love your cat feels for you, and if he doesn't come home it is perhaps because he needs a signal. Something you can do to help him when he is lost is to get used to hearing the sound of some specific device or whistle, in this way your pet will lose the fear of returning home and he will know that it is you who sends him signals.

My cat is lost What can I do?

The experience of losing our cat is one of the most unpleasant for those of us who share life with them. If our cat has access to the outside, the indicator to start worrying will be if it does not appear in its usual schedules to be seen at home, such as time to eat or sleep, or a very long absence if it is one of those that disappear 'for more than a day.

For indoor cats, open windows without protection, in addition to causing injury from falls, can increase the risk of "escapism" of our cat. In this sense, for both indoor and outdoor cats, an important point to keep in mind is that a sterilized cat is less likely to go astray, since his hormones do not "invite" him so intensely to follow the trail of the opposite sex.

The safest prevention to prevent our cat from getting lost is to have it correctly identified with a microchip, which can be implanted in the veterinary clinic, and it will also help you to travel properly throughout the European territory.

There are also some collars like this one, which allow us to put our address and telephone number, not only so that we know that the cat has an owner but that it is easier to locate us, without the need for a microchip reader.

But if, despite the precautions, it happens to us and we have to look for our lost cat, we leave you some tips:

    If our cat is>

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My 10 month old cat was lost, her name is Garritas, it's Parda, the tip of the tail bites her. We are very sad because since Saturday December 22 does not appear ...

Unfortunately, if in my town you notify the police about any such case, they will laugh at you ...

Sometimes we underestimate our little ones ... I have a cat that is a love, Michi, is very docile and is touched by anyone. He never goes out to the street, in fact he is terrified, but last year by these dates he escaped because we left a window open, and we assume that by a street kitten that roamed the area. We did our best in a town: the cat did not carry a microchip, as it usually happens in the villages, and we put up posters, and events on social networks, in case anyone had seen it. I thought that Michi, always accustomed to dealing with humans, would have approached someone and had taken him, that if he had not died from an accident. Well, I was wrong, two weeks later, now giving it up for lost, he returned to the door of my house. Thin, dirty, but without a single wound. They are born survivors, and in places like the villages, they usually return to the house, because they know that the food plate and their "pack" are waiting for them there. Kisses.

I tell you my strange story of how I found my cat in a dream

I have a cat named Merry, he only comes into the house at night to eat and in the morning he goes out and spends the day outside, but whenever I call him and whistle he comes with the others. My boyfriend and I live in a flat with a small garden that overlooks the countryside near Torreldones. One night Merry did not come, I called several times and did not give much importance. Seeing that the next day did not come in the morning I worried, we looked for him in the afternoon, we called him but he did not come ... and I went to bed with much anguish. On the 3rd day disappeared, we looked deeper into the countryside and the surroundings and nothing, I went to bed really badly, thinking about him and calling him in my thoughts. That night I had a dream: I dreamed that my cat Merry was trapped and calling me. I was in a stone house with a large garden. That house had a basement and a small door, and that is where it was ... This image of the house on the outside is engraved in my mind, and upon waking I had the feeling that I had to look for that house, at least try and I told my boyfriend, who freaked a little but we went to look for both of them that afternoon when he returned from work.

We started calling him across the field like the day before and walking towards some houses when suddenly he began to hear the meow of a cat every time we shouted his name, however I thought it could be any cat in the street or something ... Each time we listened to it closer and we reached a fence that overlooked a villa with a good garden. When I looked closely, I saw a little door at the bottom of the house, and I began to throb the garden, but I still did not quite believe it ... we immediately called the bell of the house and a very strange man came out because I told him that my cat was at home ... he told me - it's weird because I always have dogs outside and they catch cats ...

and we took him to the door and told him he was there. There was a round hole next to the door for ventilation or evacuation ... and I began to deduce that he had to get in there but that he dared not go out for the dogs ... when we opened the door and lit the lantern, my boyfriend came in and said - It's Merry I could not believe it, since it was a black cat, until I saw the collar and the spire .... what a relief and how incredible !! He didn't leave until we turned the flashlight off and he could see us and ran away, he jumped the fence and went home ...

The man was surprised there, we thanked him and went through the countryside calling him until he got home, the poor man had lost weight but was already at home.

I still have a hard time believing it, I dreamed of the house where I was trapped, and I had not seen it in my life !! Luckily I have my witness boy, since I told him the dream when I woke up and then it turned out that the image I saw in the dream was the same, the garden, the layout of the house was the same as when we saw it and the exact little door !!

Hi Begoña, it's a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it with us. Sometimes we are receptive or there are circumstances that have to happen and those things happen. A hug!

I've been wanting to leave a comment on this post since last Saturday and in the end I found the time ...

And on Friday my cat was lost nine months, we think she fell off the balcony (we live on a first floor) and that was about 11 in the morning. All day searching, we put up posters, I called a protector, I called the local police although they did not give me any help ... searching and almost losing hope. And I say almost because I remembered reading that cats don't usually go far and tend to "appear" at night. So, at 3:30 in the morning we went down to the street and on the first call he meowed and ended up finding her 🙂

I encourage all who lose their pets and much, good luck. I had it and I will never forget the moment in which we found it, its response to our voices although the rest of the time does not make us a damn case hahaha

A hug and thank you very much for your blog.

Hi Tapanez, thank you very much for stopping to comment, all the information and advice you give us is very useful and comforting for people who are in the same situation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm glad your cat appeared.

One of my cats fell out the window from a third party. He has been lost for 3 months. It takes chip. We have done all of this post and more, but it has not yet appeared.
We did everything we could think of, I share somebody they serve.

-The best color posters, so the cat looks good
- Putting a reward always makes people stop to look at the poster
-we have placed ads (paying) for facebook. You can choose the geographical area for dissemination.
-For the first month we go out every night with flashlights, their eyes shine and they look right away.

Still missing, but we do not lose hope.

About three years ago, my kitten disappeared overnight ... we don't have microchips here yet, and we can't talk about telling the police or anything like that ... but I never knew if someone took her, if she left on her own Means, I even came to think that they had run over her ... thank God she appeared at 21 on a roof of a house on the opposite side of the street meowing like crazy, desperately, and how she couldn't get down because she was too tall, she called me distraught from there, I got a ladder from a neighbor who had also heard it, and as I could, I lowered it ... the emotion and joy were indescribable, so we hugged and kissed haha ​​!! ... of course, I never knew what happened to him and how it happened, I was skinny ...

I missed my kitten about 8 days ago that I do not see her, I am desperate and sad I already asked my neighbors but they did not see her, I think I am missing three neighbors to ask. I'm afraid of never seeing her again. She is not neutered, my neighbors have cats I think five neighbors have cats, I recently heard a cat in heat and I think it is mine!

Once my cat Nina got lost, she didn't show up for 2 weeks or more. I was very sad. I didn't know where to look for her. One night at dawn my mother warned me and my cat appeared in the window of her room, she was very thin her ribs were almost visible and as if it were not enough during that time there were storms, she was all wet, but even so she jumped over and I pass his tongue through my face, until with love and patience he recovered now is fine and goes for the 5 years, but during the one-time that was not the worst

My cat was lost on Saturday July 11, 2015 My cat is called Betty is white with black spots and the all black tail her nose is half pink and her meow is soft is very scary It was lost during when the rain and spent 3 days and does not return And I do not know what to do has no necklace or anything but I want to find her Help me

Hello, my 5 month old kitten is sterilized and lost on July 5, 2015 together with a pregnant kitten and they haven't seen her at 5 months, only the pregnant kitten arrived at her old home, the other sterilized kitten does not appear, yesterday I was to the house to look for her and meow and I do not arrive or answer What can I do, do you think I will return if you barely know the house?
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
I read your comments I hope you come back as your gat @ s

If it is horrible, I have lost my 3-month-old kitten, the pain she feels is frightening, I put on a necklace so she knows who she is, it is for trusting me to leave her in the yard just happened today, there is something I can do or is it lost? (closed yard)

My cat's name is lost called PLUMA has a pink collar and was lost in San Salvador de Jujuy in the area of ​​huaico is siamese and was lost on 01/01 for any information contact me

When I was a child I had a cat named Pispa, she was very affectionate to me, played with me, looked like a dog literally. One day she was about to have kittens and since she was a hunter she went out hunting one night and never came back, I never knew her whereabouts, I looked for her in heaven and earth where she frequented, I looked for her down to the ground and I never found her, that cat was the love of my life, I never wanted a cat like she was. He was with me for 9 years and all those years for me were the happiest 🙁 🙁


«The most beautiful thing about the darkness is that any spark, however tiny, shines like a hundred suns together, and that spark is called hope»

-Shimba, Shimba, where are you? come, come with dad!
-Shimba is that! It looks a lot, it's identical, it's just there (in an orchard) look how the lantern illuminates his eyes, his little brown collar, the poor man there alone, tea is waiting, come on Alex, let's jump the fence, it may be him, Who tells you no?
Time of silence in the darkness of the night in front of the stars (…)

-San Antonio Bendito, grandma, mama, universe, energies, please that this storm, this movie, that has completely ravaged me, that has lasted six days, is over, I can't take it anymore and the poor man will be at the limit, he has to appear , we have to go home today. Please, Shimba return, Saint Anthony Blessed, please ...

I am not a believer in Christianity but I believe that as a religion or philosophy it has something in common to all religions or philosophical systems, and it is faith and attraction to good circumstances of factors such as the energy of good beings that are no longer there, good circumstances, hazards etc. And for the first time in a long time guided by the wise advice of my mother I decided in that garden at night, in front of the stars, and why not? I decided to pray to that being so that Shimba would come back again, I prayed to the universe, to everything, and above all to my child to come back, I could no longer… And there he was… from the night a glow of innocence arose and both In the distance we contemplate ourselves as lost on a remote island in the starfish, lost but close to each other until it began to approach and meow. The nightmare was over.

It had been six days since Shimba jumped off the terrace in one of the beautiful villages of Granada near the mountains where I live. On a warm Thursday, October 5, 2017, watching TV about two o'clock my cat accessed another terrace next to mine but lower and left. Half an hour later to see him he was gone, Shimba had disappeared. Frightened I looked for him throughout the house regretting not having watched him enough, and nothing, he had escaped. In a nearby street from the terrace I thought I saw him, I ran away but nothing did not appear, just as far away I seemed to see him but as soon as I approached he ran away, and in that town as in any peninsular town further south due to his usual warm weather At that time it was full of cats. Crying I returned home to wait with the fact that the cats come home sitting on the terrace, crying like a possessed, with the window open waiting to hear their meows throughout the night, but nothing, had started a nightmare that would last for six days and seven nights ...

The next day I got up depressed, because Shimba used to sleep hugging me in my bed, the other Mozart kitten was sad, the day before I had traveled from Valladolid to my house to definitely stay with him, and at Shimba hours ... His sadness was latent Well, I loved him very much, I always used to be by his side biting him, in fact hours before they had been playing with a cardboard box and a plastic tunnel, and now that cardboard box when he saw it seemed to reproduce the meowings of joy from last night of Shimba.

Throughout those days I searched the town without hope, I neglected my life, I stopped going to the gym, the studies, absolutely everything. I got up depressed, seeing how the days went by fearing me the worst, if they had killed me some savages in the town, fights with other cats - something very likely because Shimba is a homemade cat, castrated and like me, he doesn't know how to fight - I would have gone to know where etc. In my street there were two cats, there were more but two that used to be: A female that had young and lived in the street marginalized by its owners that I used to feed and that in my night search used to accompany me sometimes by some streets, and a white cat with black spots fat bastard, and I say fat bastard because he is a cat that expelled his brother from his territory and that one night after searching sitting on the terrace to come Shimba, I saw in the dark an elongated cat similar to he was approaching my house, but the fat bastard immediately scared him, I ran away but he was gone. And indeed, Shimba not being able to return as I saw later at the end of this story chose to stay nearby, in an orchard where he had been in vain for the day.

It was horrible days, I went to Granada to the studios, to the gym, to my life and it was like being dead, with a lump in my throat, pedaling without meaning, without feeling like it. My very believing mother told me that she had begged her saint with whom things had appeared, Saint Anthony patron of the animals. I open to everything, to the multiple and why not? I also prayed that he was fine, kissed his little photo with his ears, cried kneeling praying also to my poor grandmother who had died years before. And I noticed how I started to go crazy with pain, I stayed at home waiting for it outside at night, counting the hours to go looking for him, crying, cursing everything because there were no miracles, hope, nothing, even such I came to the point that I came to confuse him with another cat identical to him who called him and did not come thinking that he had been robbed, and it happened as an anecdote that as he saw him as he got into a house, I knocked on the door and left an entire family screaming down the street that if he took me with his cat, they killed me, and everything to ask ... But in the end that day came that night with my landlady who was very kindly helping me and we were kicking all over town, calling individuals the treatment of the neighbors - until at the end in that garden the miracle, chance or whatever it is called.

But in the end after pleading with good people, to life, to the Universe, to my loved one, in the end everything is summed up in that sometimes you have to have faith, and with respect I say it, it doesn't matter if you have faith in a religion , in a philosophy, in a way of thinking, in my opinion that is nonsense, they are so to speak the covering of the game of fruit, and juice, faith is in everything if the circumstances are appropriate. You have to have faith each being according to what motivates you, but in these cases the faith to return, faith so that despite giving everything lost, fearing the worst, move on. Yes, I know that one-two-three days ago I didn't have it as the appointment, but I knew that despite the enormous pain I had to continue. Although the poor thought we would see each other again, that he endured six days alone, in the open, crying, not knowing when he would see me again, if he would be with his beloved Mozart again, if he would play in the cardboard box again , your beats. In my "human humanity" I lost faith, I even confused him with another but I could see the light of life from afar and blinded I saw only darkness, Shimba in his "cat gatunity" in the darkness in the distance saw the light and That was what kept him alive, which in the middle of the night terribly scared allowed him to take those steps towards my arms, those meters in which fear at every step overcame him because they were not a few steps at home, but were a few steps through the abyss, for fear, and he managed to take them, and as soon as he gave them we got as soon as I wrapped him with my jacket to get out of there with fear that he smelled the fat bastard and he will escape again, something that I would never forgive myself ...

Today that is Thursday, October 12, 2017, a few hours have passed, less than a day, which I came to think would never happen, to return to be a family all three here in a small town in Granada is a reality. Now we are a happy family, both Mozart and I are tired, and yes, Mozart, because it is amazing how cats are, their energy, and it is incredible that he is happy, because the first thing he did when he saw Shimba come through the door It was giving him a hug, throwing himself into his little collar and not separating from him, but above all, Shimba, the tiger king, the fat boy, the baby, Don Shimbon and a long etc of affectionate motes that had faith and endured for six endless nights, the worst may have happened, and seven nights in the dark, luckily warm. To Saint Anton as a good man, to my family, to life, to the universe, to energies, to emptiness, to everything, in the end it all comes down to having faith and believing that there is still hope.

Reading on the internet cases of lost cats, I read that there were people who were lucky, but not another, because there are still thousands of families, of beings who lost their loved ones, innocent beings who unfortunately leave. I came as I mentioned to fear the worst, I never thought it would happen to me, I read around and I saw it differently. Therefore, in summary, to all the people who are suffering this torment, I spent the time that passes, do not lose hope, even in the darkness where the brain is already submerged in tears and madness, even so, even so ... go ahead! For while you go crazy, you curse, they, masters of innocence, beings without evil, silently await you.

Go for you my son.

Hello, I'm going to leave the house and I cry just thinking that my kitten is lost that I do so that I don't miss her, I love her, she is sweet, sleep with me, please tell me what to do

Try to keep calm

Waiting is horrible. Thoughts torment you and questions just pile up. Where it is, how it is, when it will return ... It is an experience that, in addition to being terribly painful, can spend a lot. But you have to try to keep your mind as cold as possible, because it is the only way we can think clearly.

When my cats leave, what I do is:

    If the cat had already gone out> Go get him

Once it has been confirmed that the cat has been lost, the search must begin. To do this, you have to do some things:

  • Put “’ SEARCH ”posters with a picture of the cat and our data. It is also important to offer an economic reward, as this will help us more people.
  • Notify veterinarian and neighbors so that they are aware in case they see it.
  • We will go out to look for him in the afternoon, which is when cats stay more active. Starting our route going to the places closest to home and then to the farthest where we think it could be.

We don't have to be ashamed to call our cat out loud. If it has been lost, he has to know that we have gone out to look for him, and he will not know if we do not pronounce his name. In addition to calling you, we can take some can (wet cat food) to get your attention.

Thus, leaving every day, we will have many possibilities to find it.