How to relieve my dog's stomach ache


He stomach ache in dogs It can be caused by various pathologies, among which we can highlight gastritis as one of the most common. We can warn that our dog has a stomachache when it shows lethargy, groans, a abnormal posture to protect the stomach, abdominal swelling and respiratory distress. Occasionally, stomach pain will also be accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

It is essential to go to the veterinarian to get an accurate diagnosis about the cause that is causing stomach pain in our dog, as well as the most appropriate treatment. Remember that only a veterinarian can prescribe drugs, therefore, do not use any medicine for stomach pain in dogs that the specialist has not prescribed.

But if you have already determined the cause of the problem and you want relieve symptoms that your dog suffers and you wonder "what do I give my dog ​​for a stomachache", you have reached the right place! In this Animal Expert article we will show you some home remedies forstomach ache in dogs.

Causes of stomach pain in dogs

Before delving into home remedies for stomach sick dogs, we must know that there are some causes that can cause discomfort in our dog. Stomach pain in dogs is a symptom that can occur in many pathologies as a underlying symptom, of varying severity.

Causes of abdominal pain in dogs

Next we will review the main pathologies that can cause stomach upset in dogs:

As you have seen, there are many health problems that can hide behind what seems like a harmless tummy ache in dogs, so it is essential to go to the vet to determine the cause of the problem. The specialist will advise us as to the treatment to be followed and will confirm if the home remedies for stomach pain in dogs that we will propose below are suitable according to your table.

In the case of stomach ache in puppy dogs, visiting the veterinarian is even more urgent, because in stage the dogs are much more sensitive and have a tendency to dehydrate easily. In these cases we will go to the veterinarian without delay, for emergencies if necessary.

Fasting in dogs

When our dog is sick, we must try to handle the situation with all possible common sense and always respecting the needs and nature of our pet. A sick animal is an animal that does not want to eat and this will be accentuated if the disease is located in the digestive system. In addition, instinctively the dog knows how to take care of itself and knows how to use all the energies of its organism in the recovery, and not in the digestion of food.

A dog that does not eat for days will need urgent veterinary attention, however, subject the dog to a fast day It is the first action we must use to treat stomach pain in dogs naturally. Obviously what you can't miss is the fresh and renewed water, which should always be available.

The veterinarian will prescribe a specific diet for stomach pain in dogs, let's talk about soft homemade recipes or gastrointestinal wet food of veterinary prescription. Recall that the food for dogs with stomach pain will always be oriented depending on the pathology or sensitivity that the dog presents. We will follow the veterinarian's instructions.

In any case, there are various foods that help our dog to detoxify your digestive system. When there is a stomach ache it is important to include these foods in the diet, and although the raw form is always the most recommended, in this case we will opt for a light cooking to facilitate digestion.

The most beneficial foods and that we can use as home remedies for stomach pain in dogs are the following:

  • Carrot: cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and is also a vermifuge, that is, it acts against intestinal parasites. It is also very beneficial because of the large amount of vitamins it provides.
  • Turnip: Turnip is also highly depurative and will be beneficial in cases where intestinal parasites exist.
  • Honey: in addition to its nutritional power, honey is very suitable as an antiseptic, this means that it will help fight any germ found in the digestive system.
  • Oatmeal: They act by cleaning the entire gastrointestinal tract, favoring the elimination of mucus and fecal waste.
  • pumpkin: It is very beneficial for dogs and helps regulate intestinal transit, in addition to being useful to prevent urinary obstructions that can also cause stomach pain in dogs.

All the mentioned vegetables can be mixed with lean meats like chicken breast, turkey, some parts of the pig or white fish, always boiled or grilled and well shredded to facilitate consumption. Likewise, it is also possible to include some boiled rice, being the cooking water that brings more benefits to treat this discomfort.

Home remedies for stomach sick dogs

After starting treatment for stomach pain in dogs, overcoming fasting and starting a diet for dogs with stomach problems, you are probably wondering if there are other home remedies for stomach pain in dogs that you can use to relieve symptoms that present your dog, we detail them to you:

In addition to the dietary changes we must make, we can use other natural remedies that will be very useful. The first to mention is the use of aloe vera, a plant that, applied internally, will help the body to recover its state of health. However, it also has properties that help soothe inflammation of the gastric mucosa and that cause healing of it if there is any lesion.

Short and frequent walks

Causes that cause stomach pain in dogs can also cause other health problems, such as diarrhea or constipation. The rides will help your dog keep a active gestrointestinal motility, which will favor their recovery and relief of symptoms. Increase the number of walks and reduce their duration.

Fresh and clean water

Although we have already mentioned it, water consumption is essential for the recovery of stomach sick dogs, so make sure renew regularly the water so that it stays always fresh and clean. Also, do not forget to clean the containers and place the bowl close, so you can access without problems.

Offer medication along with food

Except in those cases in which the veterinarian has specifically prescribed that you offer a drug on an empty stomach, the ideal is that the medication is included with the food intake for prevent irritation of the stomach walls. Also, you can also consult with the veterinarian the possibility of offering probiotics and stomach protectors to promote a faster improvement.

Avoid stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are serious behavioral problems that have a direct impact on the dog's organism, delaying its recovery and making it more susceptible to becoming sick again. Therefore it will be essential that you provide a comfortable space, attention and much affection. All this will help to improve your well-being and, therefore, your state of health. In the event that your dog has high levels of stress or anxiety we advise you to go to a canine educator to assess the possible causes and start an effective behavior modification therapy.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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How do I know my dog ​​has a stomachache

Your friend usually warns of a medical condition in his belly following the following pattern: you will notice that he first groans, then he will show discomfort when walking or lying down, as if he will not find a position in which to be comfortable. If the problem goes further, your abdominal area may swell a little, you may feel sad that you cannot solve what is happening to you and you may be sleepy.

You will know that it is a serious problem associated with stomach pain if you vomit foam, if you cough a lot, if you have diarrhea or if you find blood in your stool, both black and red. Keep in mind that it is very easy to confuse the symptoms of a stomach upset with those of another worse disease, so we recommend that, before trying to cure your dog with natural methods, take it to the veterinarian. He may have been infected by parasites and you are giving him a soft diet thinking that something has gone wrong.

Tricks to relieve my dog's stomach ache

After having taken him to the vet and confirming that nothing serious happens to him, it is time to get down to work. The truth is that when a dog has a common stomach ache it can be treated, almost, almost, like a human. Imagine that it is as if a child of yours gets sick and needs attention and a special diet, it sure does not cost you to imagine that it is a child of yours, right? ,).

Your stomach will be sensitive. The most normal thing is that it is not able to retain food because it is inflamed, so you have to let it rest. The first advice we give you is to cut immediately with what you feed, leave water on hand so you can always drink what you need, but don't feed him.

By the way, whenever we can we recommend that you give your dog food and think of quality. Keep in mind that one of the causes that your belly is hurting may be because of this, so if you weren't worrying about the food you had, start doing it.

Leaving this note behind, remove the food for 24 hours if your veterinarian allows it and give products with low fat, low fiber and that help the food to stay in your belly and not leave. Again, think about when you got sick, What did your parents give you?

Follow the vet's advice, let your stomach rest and then monitor your diet

Chicken is a perfect meat to receive quality nutrients without fat, also white fish. Remember that whenever you give your dog these human food products you have to be careful with the bones and bones. Clean everything well and present it as if it were a small child. Following the usual diets for gastroenteritis, your dog can also eat carrots, squash and some aloe vera, if you have it on hand. If you read us from Lanzarote, you know, there abounds and is great for these cases.

How to relieve your dog's stomach ache step by step

Let's recap. If your dog has a stomachache, the first thing you have to do is consult your veterinarian. When the specialist discards the attack of parasites, a serious illness or severe intoxication, you can add to your diet food to take care of your stomach, to rest and to recover as soon as possible.

As a final note, dogs are very sensitive beings, so in addition to giving your colleague the right food also administer an extra portion of pampering. It will heal in a pis-pas.

How the dog manifests stomach pain

Dogs cannot speak to tell us that their stomach hurts and that they are ill. This pain is sometimes not easy to see for its owners, especially if it is your first dog and do not know how your pet expresses itself. The most normal when the dog has any disease or discomfort is that it is depressed, that it does not play and sleeps or is lying more than normal. This apathy is typical of many ailments, so you always have to go a little further. In the case of stomach pain, we should feel and tighten this part a bit. If the stomach is inflamed for whatever reason, the dog will complain or move away. On the other hand, what is very common with stomach pain are the vomiting and diarrhea, since the ailment finally affects the entire digestive system of the dog. Although it is not pleasant, we must always monitor the dog's feces, because from them we can deduce if he has a good state of health. An abnormal tone, very dark or very light, or a very liquid consistency indicates that something is wrong.

Indigestion in the dog

One of the most frequent problems that lead to stomach pain is indigestion. As can happen to any of us, there are foods that do not suit us and dogs often eat many things that do not suit them, which eventually ends up with a stomachache. The way to avoid this is to always give him the same food, so that his stomach gets used, and also we must give an adequate amount. The big eaters also bring great indigestion and a heavy stomach, so we should avoid them. You have to understand that the dog usually eats less than us, so we should never give him excess food. Also, if we change your diet sharply, moving from feed to natural foods, it is normal for a few days your stomach suffers until it adapts to the new diet. In all these cases do not be alarmed. The dog will rest and leaving a few hours of fasting until he has an appetite again is enough. Of course, your next intake should be light, so as not to overload the stomach, which is still delicate. If you consult our veterinarian, you can even recommend something to calm your stomach.

Parasites in the stomach

It is very common for dogs to contract parasites, especially if they have a habit of eating feces from other dogs, which may be contaminated. These parasites create inflammation in the stomach with diarrhea and vomiting So that this does not become a problem, we must keep our dog dewormed. The way to do this is to provide a pill for deworming inside, which is sold in veterinarians. They can give us an idea about how often we should give it to them. In puppies it is obligatory before starting to put vaccines, since these parasites that contract can weaken them. It is important to deworm them urgently when we already see worms in their stool, because that means they have many, since they have spread through the intestine.

Stomach torsion

If there is a problem that we must avoid at all costs is stomach torsion. A stomach ache can lead to this, which occurs when the stomach turns on itself strangling itself. This is a disease that must be operated immediately, because it can lead to the death of the dog in a short time. It is not so frequent that it happens but there are possibilities, so in case of a stomach ache that seems to get worse it is better to go to the veterinarian to do a health check on our pet. In addition, stomach torsion can be largely avoided if we give the dog food in small intakes, since torsion occurs before copious meals. That is why it is always better to make the dog eat more times a day but a small amount, since it will sit better and avoid unnecessary risks.

Tips to avoid stomach ache

The vast majority of stomach aches in dogs can be avoided. It is true that we cannot always control if they have parasites, but we can keep a watch on the dog so that he does not eat anything on the outside. Always avoid the dog eat things in the street, since we do not know if they are contaminated or in poor condition, something that can lead to indigestion or poisoning. Having controlled the space in which we release it and the dog is always important.

On the other hand, when it comes to feeding the dog it is always better not to vary in feed, that this is of quality, or to accustom them from small to household food if it is the type of food that we will always give. You have to be very clear about the amount of food we can give, since an excess can give them a stomachache. In addition, it is always better to feed him several times in small quantities than just once. To know the amount of food that is recommended according to your activity, your weight and your age, it is better to consult with the veterinarian.

The most common is that it is due to air in the stomach

No wonder a dog swallows its food voraciously, especially if there is another dog nearby or is something he likes very much. This will cause, along with the food, to introduce large amounts of air that will then expel in the form of flatulence.

It also occurs if you consume fermentable foods, like those in the cabbage family, beans or soybeans.

Often, Flatulence has associated some symptoms of malabsorption. Poor absorption occurs when the dog does not digest food well. In these cases, flatulence is associated with incomplete digestion of carbohydrates.

The treatment is simple: provide a low fiber and very digestible diet. Avoid giving food leftovers and instead of a large one, give three small meals, in order to avoid swallowing and swallowing air. If this is not resolved, consult your veterinarian, he will indicate the most appropriate diet and the steps to follow.

Flatulence could also be due to other causes. Therefore, if you check if it is accompanied by tremors (indicative of discomfort or pain), abdominal pain, loss of appetite or diarrhea. In that case, take your friend to the vet, as they can be a symptom of problems of intestinal inflammation, colitis or even intestinal torsion.


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Colitis in dogs

If in addition to abdominal discomfort and gas elimination, your dog suffers painful evacuation (you will see that he squats and makes prolonged efforts) and your bowel movements are numerous, small and with blood or mucus, you may have colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon. This condition may be due to inflammation of the intestine, among other causes.

It can be a stress problem.

These symptoms can also be associated with stress, being frequent in breeds of a nervous nature and in highly excitable dogs. If you think your dog can suffer, go to the vet to rule out other possibilities. The problem will be alleviated, surely, with a diet rich in fiber.